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A different kind of consumer healthcare company

We develop products that use the science of nature to support the body’s natural processes.

This means our products are clinically proven and highly effective without the need for harsh active ingredients. Instead working to re-balance and relieve symptoms, helping the body get back to its natural best.

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Works in Harmony With Your Body

Balance Activ understands that when you have a vaginal condition such as BV, you want a product that you can trust. A solution that works in harmony with your body. Not everybody wants to use medicines that can have side effects and upset the natural balance of your vagina.

That’s why we developed Balance Activ Gel and Vaginal Pessaries. Our products mimic what the body does naturally and offers a dependable alternative to drugs with harsh side affects. Our products are proven to work and allow you to take control of your vaginal health.


Fast-Acting Glucose Chews

Lift isn't just for hyper-serious athletes or gym fanatics. It's for everyone and anyone.

Lift can unlock that extra 5%, helping you have a great workout, training session, race or big match. Our products are proven to work and allow you to take control of your vaginal health.

Dextrose is the bodies preferred source of energy, that means Dextrose tablets are a convenient fast acting source of sugar which can be kept on hand to give glucose levels a boost when you need it most.


A Measured Dose of Fast-Acting Glucose

GlucoGel is the UK's number 1 prescribed glucose supplement. It provides a fast acting measured dose of glucose in an easy to swallow gel format. GlucoGel is an ideal product to help manage blood glucose levels.

  • Easy-to-use, rapidly absorbed through gums and cheeks
  • Free from artificial colours, sweeteners, caffeine and gluten, and is suitable for both vegetarians and vegan diets
  • NICE recommends GlucoGel for the treatment of hypoglycemia